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Amnesia is a severely disabling state which has been reported as a consequence of bilateral mesiotemporal lesions in humans. In the present paper, recurrent epileptic seizures after temporal lobectomy are described as a rare cause of severe amnesia in two patients. Diffusion-weighted mri in one patient showed cytotoxic edema during a nonconvulsive status epilepticus and subsequent progressive hippocampal atrophy within the following month. best online pharmacy for generic viagra In the other patient, repeated conventional mri revealed no structural abnormalities in the contralateral temporal lobe. Keywords: amnestic syndrome doi: 10. non prescription viagra 1016/j. Yebeh. 2004. 01. uk sales of viagra 004. Issn: 1525-5050. order viagra online More like this 6. Persistence of a p3 component in severe amnestic syndrome. viagra without prescription Onofrj, m. ; gambi, d. viagra no prescription ; fulgente, t. ; bazzano, s. ; colamartino, p. Electroencephalography and clinical neurophysiology vol. 78 issue 6 june, 1991. P. buy viagra by the pill 480-484 ► event-related potentials (erps) to an odd-ball paradigm were recorded from 19 scalp derivations… (more) ▼ event-related potentials (erps) to an odd-ball paradigm were recorded from 19 scalp derivations in a patient (47 years old, housewife) affected by complete amnestic syndrome following limbic encephalitis. Ct scans and magnetic resonance imaging showed severe bilateral lesions of anterior, mid-temporal lobes and frontal lobes. A p3 component, with a peak latency inside normal limits for age-matched controls, was recorded to 'target' stimuli from all leads except fp1, fp2, f7, f8, t3 and t4. Keywords: amnestic syndrome doi: 10. 1016/0013-4694(91)90065-c. viagra online without prescription Issn: 0013-4694. More like this 7. Thalamic amnesia: korsakoff syndrome due to left thalamic infarction. Cole, m. ; winkelman, m. D. ; morris, j. C. where to buy viagra over the counter in canada ; simon, j. E. ; boyd, t. A. Journal of the neurological sciences vol. Cardinal issue 1-2 july, 1992. P. 62-67 ► in order to support the concept that a lesion of the thalamus is… (more) ▼ in order to support the concept that a lesion of the thalamus is sufficient to cause a korsakoff syndrome, we are presenting 5 patients, all of whom developed the syndrome after sustaining a left (dominant) thalamic infarction. Two patients had pure thalamic strokes followed by a permanent korsakoff syndrome. One of these patients was studied with neuropsychometric testing, as well as with a modern mri scan. In 2 other patients, clinical and imaging data indicate that infarction was not limited to the thalamus. Another patient had bilateral thalamic infarcts but only a temporary korsakoff syndrome. Neuropathological data are needed to elucidate the exact anatomical substrate of dominant thalamic korsakoff syndrome. Keywords: amnestic syndromes doi: 10. 1016/0022-510x(92)90010-i. Issn: 0022-510x. More like this 8. Cholinergic treatment of amnesia follow. viagra for sale generic

Visite de Sa Sainteté le Dalaï Lama à Montréal (Qc)

La Fondation du Dalaï Lama Canada (FDLC) a invité Sa Sainteté le Dalaï Lama à donner une conférence publique à Montréal sur le thème « L'Éducation du cœur : la puissance de la compassion ».

Vous êtes toutes et tous cordialement invités à cet événement. Ensemble, accueillons chaleureusement Sa Sainteté, en portant une attention particulière à son message de paix et de compassion.

Visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Montreal, QC

The Dalai Lama Foundation Canada (DLFC) has invited His Holiness the Dalai Lama to give a public talk in Montreal entitled: Educating the Heart: The Power of Compassion.

We welcome everyone to this event. Together, join us in warmly greeting him; bringing a singular receptivity to his message of peace and compassion.